Sunday, September 12, 2010

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It’s not called the “City of Brotherly Love” for nothing…

I know it seems like I’ve been pretty hard on the wealthy lately, so fair is fair.  Meet Gene Epstein, 71, who made his fortune as a car dealer and real estate investor.  Epstein is donating $1,000 to a charity every time a small business in Philadelphia hires an unemployed person and is ready to give out $250,000.  

A $1,000 donation has already gone to the local SPCA from the hiring of a new employee at a small commercial real estate appraisal company whose owner said they’d been thinking about hiring someone and this sealed the deal for them.  

Epstein is fielding several inquiries and says he hopes his charitable gifts will inject the economy with a little optimism.

Stamp that man’s ticket to heaven.


And then there’s this asshole…

In this age of train wreck television, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him in a hot tub with Snookie on next season’s “Jersey Shore” 


What do witches and fortune tellers in Romania have in common with Corporate America?   

Senators are afraid to tax them.   Fearing reprisals from witches, presumably to turn them all into toads, Romanian senators voted down a proposed law,which would have required witches and fortunes tellers to “open their books” so to speak by providing receipts for income.  They would have also been held liable for wrong predictions.  Ya  hear that, Wall Street?  

A spokesperson for the witches said it would be difficult to tax the nation's thousands of fortune tellers and witches because of the erratic sums of money they receive, or in the case of Corporate America, the huge sums that they have parked in off-shore banks, but that still manage to find their way into the pockets of Congress.   Now that's magic.


“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” ruled unconstitutional…

Aside from violating the 1st Amendment rights of lesbians and gay men, U.S. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips said military’s policy banning gays did not preserve military readiness, as argued by supporters of the ban, but rather evidence shows the policy in fact had a “direct and injurious effect” on the military. 

My thanks to Rochelle at Inconsequential Logic for this image.   Rochelle has a son serving in the military, so this is a very personal issue for her.   Visit her and read what she has to say about it.


And finally, in remembrance of 9-11…

And now you get to have your say…

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