Thursday, September 16, 2010

injaynesworld we're "One-Upping The Pre-Nup..."

Planning a wedding can be chaotic – or so I’ve heard.  

Make out the guest list.
Book the church.
Order the cake.
Find a band.
Buy divorce insurance -- WTF?! 

And you thought the pre-nup conversation was awkward. 

At, whose motto is “There’s no time like the present to think about your future,” just pay the premiums for a minimum of three years, get divorced and cash in!   Benefits rang from $1,250 to $1.25 mil with premiums as low as $16/month.   The website even has a free “divorce probability calculator.”  

Now before all you romantics out there get your panties in a twist, consider this:   It’s a fact that half of all marriages end in divorce and, unless you’re one of those wealthy 2% who the Republicans are trying to protect from paying their fair share of taxes, divorce is probably going to bankrupt you or at least put a serious crimp in your lifestyle.   I have a family member who is going through it right now and, with her ex-husband currently unemployed, she’s having a helluva time just keeping a roof over their child’s head.  

Commitment isn’t what it used to be.   “Till death do us part” has become “Till I Can’t Stand The Sight of You,” so really, isn’t it prudent to protect ones self?  

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