Sunday, September 26, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

What’s a week without another celebrity cheating scandal?

Seriously.  Who’s hotter than Demi Moore?   While it’s never a good idea to marry children, when you look at the gorgeous women that Jesse and Tiger cheated on you’ve got to wonder if these men aren't all children who’ve just never been taught to be satisfied with what they have.   

Chime in guys.   Would you cheat on Demi Moore?   Demi-freakin'-Moore?!


Meanwhile, the Republicans could not suck back that tea fast enough...

 ... while still making sure that if the rich are going to be deprived of their tax breaks, by God the rest of us are, too.


And in South Bend, Indiana...

An attempt by school officials to tout their fine school system took on a whole new meaning when a crucial letter was left off their billboard.

We can only hope that the person responsible wasn’t a graduate of the local schools.    Or maybe they just have a helluva sex education department.


If you were around in the 70's, these folks should look familiar...

What young girl -- or boy -- didn't have a David Cassidy poster over their bed?   Okay, I admit it.  I was more of a Grateful Dead fan, which probably doesn't surprise you. 

The Partridge Family premiered 40 years ago this week.  A show about a single mother traveling around the country in a psychedelic bus with her brood of rock 'n' roll playing kids was kind of an advanced concept for that time.  Today, of course, it would be a reality show and Palin would be inviting them to go along on the camping trip with Kate and her eight. 


Now here's something parents will sure to be flocking for this Christmas...

It's the Michaele Salahi action figure complete with the famous sari she wore when crashing the White House dinner party -- because showing up where you're not invited is right up there on the list of social graces you want  teach your kid.  

Word from the company is if it doesn't sell well, they'll create other outfits for her.  Let's see...  She's posing for "Playboy."   That outfit should be pretty affordable.


And since we're on the subject of what we want to teach our kids...

Was Katy Perry’s cleavage too hot for Elmo?

I’ve known women who breast-feed their kids till they're three years old – some probably while sitting in front of the TV watching “Sesame Street” together – but this week the boobs running the iconic children's show decided that breasts should be sucked but not seen, cutting Katy Perry’s fast-paced, fun number with Elmo from the show. 

Sesame Street touts itself as an educational show.  Too hot for toddlers or  an opportunity for parents to teach their children that a woman’s body is nothing to be ashamed of?   You decide.

Thanks for coming back.   I was afraid I’d scared you off on Wednesday…

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