Sunday, January 9, 2011

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Could Dick Cheney be morphing into Gollum?

You tell me.   Long compared to the powerful Darth Vader for his capacity to do evil, Cheney’s fragile-looking frame suggests that comparisons to a different villain may be emerging.

We learned this week that while Cheney no longer has a pulse, he apparently does have a heart, albeit one that requires a mechanical pump to push the ice water through his arteries.  

While his heart will never beat at full-strength again, associates say he is resuming much of his old life, including his fondness for hunting.   With a heart transplant being the only permanent solution to his health woes, I wouldn’t suggest anyone taking to the great outdoors with him any time soon. 


Is National Whipped Cream Day in bad taste?

Why is this the first I’ve heard of this day?  Around since about 1954,  January 5th is the day our nation, the most collectively obese on the planet, reserves for celebrating whipped cream.   Yet another Hallmark opportunity. 

Of course, U.S. bashers around the globe had a heyday with this, tweeting their oh-so-superior criticism about the U.S. being insensitive to the world’s nearly one billion people who go hungry every day.

65% of the world’s hungry live in just seven nations, one being China, which I find myself hard-pressed to shed a tear over.   They’ve got all our jobs, they make all the crap we buy, and they buy up all of our country’s debt.   Are you telling me they can’t afford to hand out a can or two of whipped cream to their starving populous?  

And maybe some pie?  


Not tonight, dear…

According to research published this week, women's tears may turn men off.   And to think, women have been faking headaches for years when all they had to do was cry. 

Researchers found that men who sniffed drops of women’s emotional tears became less sexually aroused by suggestive photos than when they sniffed a neutral saline.   “Chemical signaling is a form of language…” the study claims.   In women’s tears was found the chemo-signal word for “no” or “not now.”  

The scientific mystery of why remains, but it doesn’t seem like much of a mystery to me.  I think most guys would say that nothing makes them feel less like “raising the flag” than a woman crying.   

So thank you, Einstein for clearly that up.

Personally, I’d rather have the scientific community investigating what the hell’s going on with all the dead birds.  


It’s playoff season which means the Super Bowl, along with its great commercials, can’t be far off…

However, some of the best Super Bowl commercials were never seen on the broadcast.  Here’s a little taste of a Bud Light commercial banned for its creative use of language.

And so ends the first Sunday Recap of the new year.   Chime in... 

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