Wednesday, January 26, 2011

injaynesworld it's "A Wednesday Recap..."

Jumping the gun just a little bit, I couldn't wait to find out what you all thought of last night's symbolic show of civility at the State of the Union address.   Personally, I would have also like to have seen it be boy-girl-boy-girl, but there aren't enough girls and that's another post.

At heart, I'm an optimist.   Remember last year when Joe Wilson screamed out "Liar" to the President?   You've got to admit, last night was an improvement.  Any time you can get all of Congress in the same room room to be on their best behavior as they were last night, that can't be a bad thing.   Whether it promotes the bipartisanship needed to dig the country out of the crap hole it's been for the last decade is another thing, but I'm with the president on this one...

It's a start.
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