Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Weinergate continues…

The media is all atwitter over a tweet showing a bulging crotch allegedly belonging to  Representative Anthony Weiner (D-NY).   While vehemently denying sending the salacious image, when asked if the photo was or was not his manly member, Weiner’s unbelievably dumb reply was “I can’t say with certitude.”  

Seriously?  That’s the best you can come up with?  Trying to convince us that you’re not familiar enough with “little Anthony” to recognize him when you see him?    Look, if that impressive boy in the photo is yours just own up to it, and when they ask why you didn’t admit it in the first place tell them you didn’t want to make John Boehner jealous. 

But in the future, sir, may I suggest that if you want to take photos of dicks you simply turn your lens on Republicans in Congress who are trying to kill Medicare?


And on the subject of social media hazards, check your privacy settings…

A young girl in Berlin didn’t and ended up with 1500 strangers at her house  after sending out a birthday party invitation to what she thought were just a few friends on her Facebook page.  Oops. 

After over 15,000 RSVP’d, her understandably alarmed parents cancelled the party, called police and hired security for the house, but clearly not everyone got the message.   Several people showed up with presents and cake, chanting for Thessa to come out of the house.

My favorite part?   Police arrested one frolicker for ripping the Mercedes logo off his patrol car.  Cops in Germany drives Mercedes?   A VW won’t do?   Our guys get stuck with Crown Victorias.   


Giving a whole new meaning to the word “headstone…”

A New Jersey woman was rushed to the hospital after a gravestone toppled over on her leg while she and a male friend visiting a gravesite were suspected of having sex .  Police tactfully report that “extra-curricular activities” may have taken place, but declined to elaborate. 

I can only guess the traditional spitting or pissing on the grave just weren’t enough to convey the full range of feelings she had for this particular dearly departed.   


Good news for service workers…

And for the rest of us, as well, because who wants a sick waiter breathing all over your food. 

The state of Connecticut has become the first state to pass a bill mandating paid sick leave for the state’s hundreds of thousands of services workers, including waiters, fast-food cooks, hair stylists and nursing home aides who receive hourly wages. 

Prior to this, these minimum-wage workers couldn’t afford to take time off when they were sick.  Ever had the shampoo gal sneeze in your face?

The bill applies only to businesses with 50 or more employees, but it’s a start.  With more than 40 million American workers without a single day of paid sick leave and the general public paying the price in contracted illnesses, hopefully this very sensible legislation will catch on in other states.  


Palin’s back and the media are being soundly criticized for following after her like a horny teenage boy just hoping she’ll let him cop a feel.  This week that boy went home with a smile on his face.

A history lesson from Sarah Palin…

And she just can’t understand the perception out there that she doesn’t read.

For ongoing Palinisms or to just make up your own visit the fun new hashtag created by the staff of The Daily Show:  AccordingtoPalin

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