Monday, June 6, 2011

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With apologies to my many bright, lovely male followers, but really guys, even you have got to be questioning the antics of some of your gender.

Today Anthony Weiner admitted that the photo in the now infamous tweet was indeed his penis and copped to other photos featuring him bare-chested that he had also sent to women on the web.  One of those women has come forward with this statement:  “I have more than 200 messages from him and they’re all explicit in nature.”  The woman, who had volunteered as a Democratic campaign worker, also said that she’d had phone sex with the Congressman.

What someone does in their private life is none of my business and I’m not interested in judging them.   However, when that person is a public figure, not to mention someone I respect, I’m deeply disappointed and angry and I have to ask Representative Weiner:

Do you have a political death wish?    How can someone as bright as you do something so unbelievably stupid?  How is it possible for any public figure in this day and age to think he can post compromising photos of himself on the web or send them by e-mail and have that not be discovered?   How?

There are hordes of people out there who make their living discovering this shit and it’s only getting easier for them to do so.  

I don’t get it.  Truly.   I’m at a complete loss here. 

And it’s always men who do this crazy crap.   Again, guys, enlighten me if you possibly can because I want to understand.   Why the obsession with photographing your junk and then e-mailing it to a woman?   I think I speak for my entire gender when I say if you want to impress us, flowers will still do the job.

When was the last time any female public figure sent photos of her vagina out over the web to impress a guy?    We don’t do that.   So, again, WTF?

Watching Congressman Weiner’s news conference today was painful and sad.   I consider him a good man, a strong voice for working class people against the many voices that speak for the rich and powerful.   And now that very important voice has been diminished.

So, while I have no judgment about what anyone does in their personal life, when you become a member of the United States Congress you’re on my payroll and, at the very least, I expect you to not self-destruct.   

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