Friday, May 4, 2012

injaynesworld it's "The Intruder..."

Dense enough to keep him well-hidden, the vines proved to be the perfect spot from which to view her sleek, soft curves as she sunned herself by the edge of the pool.   She’d sauntered across the grass so completely self-involved that she hadn’t noticed him lurking only inches away.   It wouldn’t be long now.   Her eyes closed and she stretched, falling deeper into sleep.   He knew he would have to be quick.  There would be no second chance. Gathering himself low, he pushed off with all of his strength, arcing high into the air and coming down with a powerful splash, sending a wave of water cascading over her long, lovely white fur and drenching her to the bone.  With a yowl of surprise, she leaped into air; her back arched in outrage and spit a ferocious hiss at him before racing from the yard.   His yard.   He paddled to the steps, climbed from the pool and gave his fur a mighty shake of satisfaction.  Now where had he buried that bone?

A One-Minute-Writer Friday Fiction piece from the prompt “vine.”

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