Sunday, May 13, 2012

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Happy Mother’s Day…

And to celebrate, Time Magazine featured a photo of Chelsea Handler nursing sidekick Chewy.

It’s called “attachment parenting” and apparently nursing your kid through college is the newest craze among the lactating set.    Expect to see strong GOP support for this practice as justification for cutting food stamps because really…  What’s better than homemade? 


A special Mother’s Day gift for my friends, Linda and Nicky

Also available in zebra and pink feathers.  Go wild, girls.


The big news of the week was President Obama’s “coming out” in support of marriage equality.  Sure, Biden – ya gotta love him – had to give him a little push…


… but the President still said the words that will take this country one step closer to “liberty and justice for all:”  “A gay couple should be able to marry.” 

Let the “family values” set spew their outrage all their want.   Let the pundits on both sides worry about the political ramifications.   If one school bully now decides not to torment a gay classmate because the President of the United States has said that gay is okay, if one gay kid decides not to end his life, it was the right thing for our President to do. 



Twenty years ago, “The Golden Girls” were already approving of gay marriage…

Go hug a mother...

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