Wednesday, May 9, 2012

injaynesworld "Under A Shy Moon..."

Except for a loosely-knit veil of clouds that slowly drifts across the face of the full moon, the sky is clear and dazzling with celestial celebration.   A bolder moon would not so willingly remain in the background, but this is a shy moon and so it peeks through the passing clouds – cautiously – as a child might dip a toe in a river, testing the water’s reception before daring to jump in. The stars and planets twinkle with hilarity at the bashful lad. 

From below, its brightness appears shrouded in mystery, drawing us in like the seduction of a teasing lover. But tonight’s moon knows nothing of its power to move whole oceans, inspire countless love songs, or create legends of madness at the sight of its full glory. 

How often it is that we don’t see ourselves as others see us, instead reserving our light so as to not shine too brightly for that would be boastful and our fear of ridicule too great?

And so, like a shy moon, we offer only glimpses of what we could be. 

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