Friday, June 1, 2012

injaynesworld "But What We Really Meant to Say..."

With texting, tweeting, and “send” buttons that fire off if you sneeze on them, today’s world is ripe with opportunities for misinterpretation.   Ah for the nineties, when communication was much more straightforward, or so I thought.

I was selling vitamin supplements for one of those multi-level marketing companies and gung-ho about my prospect for riches.   To that end, I had tee-shirts, baseball caps, even a leotard with the company name on it.  Yes, I was a walking billboard for better health, but it was still not enough. Surely there was more I could do to attract the attention of potential buyers.

And then WHAM!   A freakin’ genius of an idea:  A personalized license plate that would be a guaranteed conversation started wherever I went.  Goddamn, I was pleased with myself!  I recall my excitement when it finally arrived, the fervor with which I attached it to my vehicle.  

CHOOSE HEALTH.   Get it?   Brilliant, right?   Right…?  

You’re way ahead of me, aren’t you?  

Alas, I was right about one thing.   It was definitely a conversation starter.   Rarely did a day go by without me finding some perplexed soul staring at my car and wanting to know what “Cheese Health” meant.  

Had I only been in the dairy business I could have made a fortune.  

This post is in response to the prompt “Cheese,” part of a 30-day torture writing challenge from the demented dynamic duo of Nicky and Mike at We Work forCheese.   Stop by there to check out all the other fools wonderful writers participating in this never fucking ending month-long challenge.

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