Tuesday, June 12, 2012

injaynesworld "It Came With The House..."

I so admire my many friends who derive pleasure from cooking and can whip up culinary delights with devilish ease.  Knowing my complete lack of skill or interest in this area, when having a potluck they’ve learned to just assign me the bread.   

For me, the kitchen is just another room to keep clean and if I could afford to eat every meal in a restaurant, I would.   I seem to recall my mother grousing about cooking and, while she always managed to have a meal on the table for us, the impression made was that there was nothing fun about it.   As an adult, I learned to keep myself nourished by never cooking anything that had more than one ingredient.  Chicken – one ingredient.   Potato – one ingredient.  Broccoli – one ingredient. 

With one exception… stoned rice.   The reason we gave it that name was because it was easy to make when you were stoned and, since that was my state pretty much throughout my early 20s, it proved to be a popular dish around the roommate’s and my Mill Valley, California apartment. 


Minute Rice (because of our short attention span)
Cheapest cut of steak available cut into bite-size pieces 
Celery, green onions, mushrooms (or anything else lying around)
½ cube butter, more or less
Teriyaki sauce

Melt the butter, add a bunch of teriyaki sauce, dump in the steak and veggies and cook over a medium heat until the steak was browned on all sides.   A minute would do it.   Then pour the concoction over the rice and you had a meal for one, four, or more.  

I sometimes think of making the dish today – for old time’s sake – but, without being stoned, it all just seems like way too much trouble.   

From the prompt "in the kitchen," part of the 30-day blogging challenge from those crazy kids over at We Work For Cheese.   Visit them   They're a fun bunch.

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