Sunday, June 24, 2012

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It’s Gay Pride week…

Credit:   Reuters

Congratulations to Dick Cheney… (Wow.  That felt weird.)

… who finally got to see his daughter, Mary, wed longtime partner, Heather Poe on Friday in Washington, D.C.   The couple has two children, five and two.   In her autobiography where Mary wrote of coming out to her parents, she said her father’s reaction was, “You’re my daughter and I love you and just want you to be happy.”   On Friday, the Cheneys issued this statement:  “… we are delighted that Mary and Heather were able to take advantage of the opportunity to have their relationship recognized.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a shotgun wedding.  


Separated at birth…

Kenneth "30 Rock"
Gov. John Lynch
New Hampshire Governor John Lynch shot down two Republican-passed bills this week.   One, pushed by the Tea Party contingent, those great believers in liberty, was yet another “Voter I.D.” bill intended to suppress voter turnout in November among groups known to vote overwhelmingly Democrat.  The next was far more clever.  The Republican-controlled legislature passed a bill that would legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in the state, something I never thought I’d see the GOP support.   I guess they figure if they can’t restrict the right to vote, maybe they can get voters stoned enough so they’ll stay home munching down Sara Lee and listening to old Grateful Dead tunes.  Nice try, guys.


Mitt and Ann Romney’s horse qualified for the Olympic dressage team… 

I can’t help but wonder if Romney’s past chairmanship of the 2002 U.S. Olympics might have had just a tiny bit of sway with the judges, but no matter.   It’s a U.S. horse and I’ll be rooting for him. 

And you can bet the often neglected sport  of dressage will be receiving a hell of a lot more media coverage this year than it has in past Olympics.   It will be interesting to see how Romney is going to spin his participation in such an expensive sport with the “regular guy” image he’s been trying to sell to the electorate.   Maybe we’ll see photo ops of Mitt shoveling shit instead of spouting it.


Happy Anniversary Title IX…

The 40-year-old gender equality law stating that no one should be barred from taking part in any education program or activity on the basis of their sex was signed into law in 1972 by Richard Nixon, who would be considered a socialist by today’s Republican standards.  Can you even imagine trying to get this law passed today?


Finally, those mother fucking bullies on that mother fucking bus… 

The big story of the week was the cruel taunting of school bus monitor Karen Klein.  Personally, I couldn’t bear to watch the video.   We all know what nasty little bastards kids that age can be.  It seems to me that putting a 68-year-old grandmother in the position of bus monitor is like throwing a kitten in a tank of piranhas.  This is the dude they should have had riding that bus.

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