Monday, January 7, 2013

injaynesworld it’s “The Round-Up…”

Black as midnight, bold and strong, the stallion stood upon the hilltop watching over his family grazing peacefully on the valley floor below. 

Soon it would be time to cast out the young males, some of which had already begun to challenge his rule, but for now there was a greater threat. 

His keen ears picked up the sound of their approach, though still several canyons away.  It would not be long before the sky monsters would be upon them. 
At his warning cry, the herd raised their heads in his direction, alert and ready to once again run for their freedom.

From the Five Sentence Fiction prompt "Midnight."

On January 5th, a federal judge in Nevada issued an order halting the Bureau of Land Management's current roundup of wild horses pending a lawsuit by the Wild Horse Education organization.   

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