Sunday, January 20, 2013

injaynesworld "Resurrection..."

The floorboards of the old farm house protested loudly under her feet as if they could not bear one more moment of neglect.  It saddened Maggie to see her childhood home in such disrepair, but she refused to be discouraged.  

Memories – some long forgotten – rose up from every corner; the piano against the far wall where she first discovered her love for music; her father in his favorite old chair reading to her by the fireplace; the window that looked out onto the tree her brother would climb to get away from his pesty little sister till she would cry and Mother would make him come down. 

Maggie could see it all now and turning to her new husband with tears of joy in her eyes, she said, “This is home.”

Withering at the prospect, he nevertheless put on his best face, “Then you shall have it, my love.”

Based on the Five Sentence Fiction prompt, "Forgotten" and the photo above.


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