Saturday, February 23, 2013

injaynesworld we are "Hot Under the Collar Again..."

I think back to how my grandparents viewed the advent of rock ‘n’ roll, the Civil Rights movement, hippies, and the violence at the ’68 Democratic convention and I’m pretty sure they thought our country was going to hell in the proverbial hand basketLittle did they know that time would one day be referred to as "the good old days."

My grandparents’ generation was a tough bunch.  They’d seen a real depression, where all the money was actually gone and not just siphoned upward by a small number of the powerful and greedy.  They’d been through two World Wars and Korea and couldn’t understand what this fuss was all about over some unheard of place called Vietnam.   In their day, America was always the good guy.  I envy them that unwavering belief.   I envy them the security they must felt after Roosevelt passed the New Deal knowing that they and their loved ones could always count on some financial protection in their old age.  I envy them their belief that America would always lead the world in a free, high-quality public education and that no matter your circumstances of birth, there would always be opportunity for you to fulfill your God-given potential.  Most of all, I envy that they could agree or disagree with the workings of government, but at least their government seemed to work. 

In those days, the “Katzenjammer Kids” were a comic strip.  Today they populate the halls of Congress, seeming to live to create discourse in a non-stop theater of the absurd.   It’s not just one side of the aisle either.  Okay, maybe it’s mostly one side of the aisle – you know who you are – but Harry Reid had the opportunity to restore credibility and function to the senate with filibuster reform and he completely weenied out.    There has always been in-fighting in Congress where both sides fought hard for their positions, but most of the time they actually had positions, as opposed to this current lot whose only goal appears to be the gathering of personal power and the rest of us be damned. 

How did we get so stupid as to elect such a bunch?    They regulate vaginas, but not guns.  They give away millions of our tax dollars to oil companies who then turn around and steal even more from our pockets at the gas tank.    They secretly tap our e-mails and phone calls, while demanding “full transparency” about lack of security at our Libyan embassy after cutting funds for the State Department.    And on and on and on…

Now they’ve manufactured a crisis in government funding, which could throw our fragile economic recovery into complete ruin, and are treating it as no more than a pissing contest with the majority of piss about to rain down on you and me.   

This coming week Congress will return to session and all I find myself thinking is, where’s a drone when you really need one?

This post from the 30 Days Minus 2 Writing prompt “absurd,” but I’ve felt it coming for a long time. 

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