Thursday, January 19, 2012

injaynesworld I'll be "Leaving A Little Something Behind..."

Few of us think much about dying.  Sure, we all know our ticket will be punched someday, but when...   I’m often torn between wanting a “heads up” to get my things in order or being taken out by a meteor because really, that would be a cool way to go.   If there is an afterlife and you’re there tossing back celestial beer and swapping best-demise stories, “hit by a meteor” would have to be right up there.  

The quest for immortality has never been of much interest to me.  Of course, ask me that on my deathbed and I may be of another opinion but, by and large, I’m happy to have been born when I was, grown up when I did and, with any luck, I’ll get off the planet before the whole place turns to crap. 

Still, the notion of a part of me lingering, if only in a text or video, does have a certain appeal to my reverence for the bizarre and now there’s an app for that.   “If I die” is a new Facebook app that allows users to leave updates to be posted to their wall after their death.   Just because you’ve checked out of the physical world is now no reason to depart from the digital one.   And let’s face it, isn’t that where we all spend most of our time anyway?     

A user must pick three Facebook friends, called “trustees,” who will notify the website after their death and confirm the event.   Then Facebook will post his or her final pre-taped message.   Think of it.  That person who dumped you for another that you told you’d never let him forget about it – now you can literally never let him forget about it.   Want to profess your pent-up love for another that you could never have while alive?  This app gives the term “undying love” a whole new meaning.  “Knowing where the bodies are buried” becomes more than just a euphemism.   You might actually know where a body is buried and what better time to reveal yourself as a serial killer than after your own body is cold.

The possibilities are endless. 

I’ve given this serious thought and planned my video carefully according to how I wish to be remembered.    Since I’m renowned for my size 4 “assets,” let’s just say my video will be open to interpretation.  

Surely, there must be something you’d also like to leave behind.   

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