Sunday, January 8, 2012

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Yet another celebrity marriage tanks...

This time it’s Russell Brand and Katy Perry, the admitted sex/drug addict and the daughter of evangelical preachers.   Oh, yeah.  Couldn’t see that one coming. 

Rumors abound as to the cause of the split, including that the randy Russell wanted to have sex five times a day.  Being that during their one-year marriage the couple was rarely in the same country at the same time, much less the same room, were Mr. Brand to now be suffering from a nasty case of carpel tunnel syndrome it would come as no surprise. 

If the Christian "right" is so worried about threats to the sanctity of marriage, why aren’t they out fighting for a ban on celebrity nuptials instead of trying to restrict the civil rights of gays?


Two stories of good deeds to start the New Year...

A Colorado man who found $10,000 in an envelope  before boarding a flight in Las Vegas says he returned the money to the owner because he wanted to show his children that it was “the right thing to do.”  The owner of the money had won it gambling and dropped it while running to catch a flight.  While in Ohio, a couple who lost $12,000 got lucky this week when their lost bag of bucks was found sitting in the middle of a road by a 63-year-old Akron woman out on a stroll.  The woman told police that her father was a minister who taught her to do the right thing. 

Let it be clear:  Since I do not have children for which I need to set a good example, nor a father or any other relative in the ministry, if I find a stash of cash I’ll be falling to the ground and shouting “Thank you, Jesus!”  I’ll worry about burning in hell later.  


We do not eat “Mr. Mittens.”

In China, a billionaire businessman learned this the hard way when he died two days after eating a steaming bowl of slow-boiled cat-meat stew, considered a “regional delicacy” in some parts of that country.  As it turned out, it wasn’t the stew that killed him, but rather poison placed in it by a guy who didn’t like him so much.  Probably one of the Chinese  99%.                                                     
First of all, if you’re a billionaire and you’re eating cats, you deserve to die.  Unless you’re crawling to your grave from starvation and you just happen to stumble across a plate of freshly poached filet of feline…  Nah – not even then.


What’s wrong with this photo ad for kids’ swimwear?   Go ahead.  Take your time…

I’m thinking having a naked guy in a photo touting kids’ fashions may not be the way you want to go – even in France.   I’m also thinking that the photo editor who didn’t catch this before publishing it on the website of French fashion chain La Redoute is now out looking for a new gig.

Perhaps he could run in the GOP primary.   


Speaking of the GOP primary…

In Iowa last week, only 5.4% of the voting populace gave the tiniest crap about their choices for the Republican nominee for president. Not that I suppose anyone could blame them, but what a waste.   All the money spent, the endless media coverage and for what?  So the world could see Romney barely squeeze out Santorum.  And now on to New Hampshire where we get to do it all over again!

(Warning:  Do not Google “Santorum.”  And by that I mean Google Santorum.)


Finally, oopsy…

Finally, fresh off “The Biggest Loser,” McCain speaking at a rally where he’s supposed to be endorsing Romney…

Nothing a nice, long rest in a facility serving green Jell-O couldn’t help.

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