Sunday, January 15, 2012

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                                                                                                                                   Little Kristy McNichol turns 50!

 And gay.   Actually, she’s been gay for a long time, but this week she chose to go public in the hopes of helping young people struggling with their sexuality as she once did.   Bravo, Kristy.   But couldn’t you have lied about your age?   I can just feel the crypt keeper breathing down my neck.


How is it possible to go broke selling snack food to Americans?   

We’re the fattest people on the planet.  Childhood obesity is at an all-time high.  Yet this week Hostess, the 80-year-old company that pretty much invented empty calories, filed for bankruptcy.   

The company, whose executives have clearly never heard of Paula Deen and her minions of followers, cited a trend toward healthier eating in this country as one of the reasons for its fiscal fiasco.  Also getting some of the blame the costs of medical benefits for its employees, but if you’re making foods specifically designed to cause diabetes and heart disease, shouldn’t you pick up part of the tab?

I say if you’re making a snack food that can outlast a 1962 VW Beetle and get a killer cleared of a murder rap and you’re still going broke, you’re just not trying hard enough


Hostess should hire this kid…

Sam Tollison, a 10-year-old Colorado boy is being credited with the designation of January 8th as the day to forever more to be known as Colorado Cinnamon Roll Day.  Likely while under the influence of copious amounts of sugar, the youth collected more than 100 signatures in his quest to have his beloved pasty honored.  Why cinnamon rolls?   “They have frosting and they’re sweet and yummy,” the tyke proclaimed.

For his efforts, the Tollison family received a free breakfast that of course included a cinnamon roll, along with cinnamon roll ice cream – must-haves on any health conscious person’s breakfast table – and Sam will get free cinnamon rolls for life.  For life!   Or until his blood sugar explodes out his ears. 

Tollison’s mom couldn’t have been more excited, “We feel like kings and queens,” while Sam’s proud papa added, “It’s a good thing when your kids have an idea to pay attention to that idea, because it might turn out just like this.”  

Yeah.   It would have been a real bummer if your kid had only won a stupid science fair.  

And yet, Hostess can’t make a buck.


Romney dogged by Seamus scandal…

This is Seamus, the stately Irish Setter who was held hostage in a crate on the roof of the Romney family station wagon for a 12-hour ride from Boston to Ontario in the summer of 2007.   

It’s the story that’s had folks from Fox’s Chris Wallace to The Times’ Gail Collins uniting to slam the candidate whose best response so far has been, “Hey, he liked it up there.”  Someone needs to explain to Romney that dogs having a good time don’t usually shit themselves all over your car.    Even Newt Gingrich, best known for dumping his cancer-stricken wife while she was hospitalized, is slamming Romney for the canine cruelty – and you’ve got to go some to be looked down upon by Gingrich.   

Outraged dog owners have rallied at websites like dogsagainstromney.

Meanwhile, even a group of Texas evangelicals have endorsed Santorum, a man whose very name encompasses everything they find most icky in the world, rather than support a guy who’s mean to dogs.  


This Great Dane saved his owner’s life…

When a woman was being beaten with a hammer by her boyfriend, her dog leaped in front of her and took the blows.  Because of his bravery, a women’s shelter for victims of domestic violence in Kansas is leading the way in changing the rules allowing family pets to stay at such shelters. 

This is why we don’t strap the dogs that love us unconditionally and trust us to care for them to the roofs of our cars, Mr. Romney.


Since it seems that this week’s Recap has already gone to the dogs, we might as well finish off with this groovin’ Golden Retriever…

                                                    Got book?
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