Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An injaynesworld "Special Bulletin..."

In a move sure to give The Cartoon Channel a run for its money, Fox News has signed Sarah Palin to a multi-year deal.     On Tuesday night Bill “Foghorn Leghorn” O’Reily did his cock-of-the-walk best to welcome the gushing “gotcha” gal, with Glenn “Porky Pig” Beck and “Yosemite Sam” Hannity panting lasciviously as they await their turn.  First up for the perky pundit will be the much anticipated “Betty and Veronica Go Teabagging” special with blond cutie, Laura Ingram..

Meanwhile, Tina Fey celebrated her new-found job security with an Alaskan cruise along the Russian coast. 

Stay tuned…
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