Friday, January 29, 2010

injaynesworld we are "Baffled By Sex Tapes..."

Why oh why do people make sex tapes of themselves?    Especially celebrities.  Especially in this day and age where nothing stays private.

The revelation this week that there is a now a sex tape in the sordid mess known as the John Edwards affair elevates the “ewwww” factor to new heights for me.   Elizabeth bailed on this pretentious creep none too soon.

If you recall -- and I do --  John Edwards was one of those who expressed moral outrage over Bill Clinton and the blue dress.   Sure Clinton was the president and a higher standard is expected (although historically rarely realized) of such, but Edwards was running for the presidency when he apparently made the decision to forever immortalize his naked ass on celluloid.   

The existence of the tape was made public this week by Andrew Young, a former aide to Edwards and author of a forthcoming sleazy tell-all from which he is certain to profit due to our insatiable hunger for tales portraying the downfall of the oh-so-once-high-and-mighty.

Rielle Hunter, former mistress and mother of Edwards’ two-year-old daughter -- the only innocent in this God-forsaken mess -- wants this “very private and personal” videotape back and has obtained a court order to achieve that.  Hunter states that, in an attempt to destroy it, she pulled the tape from the cassette and stored it in a box with other personal belongings, which -- in a move that bestows upon her this week’s “You Can’t Make This Shit Up” Award -- she apparently then forgot when she moved from Young’s home where she’d been staying.   

But my question still begs an answer… Why does anyone make a tape of themselves engaged in sex?    Unless done professionally, you know the lighting is going to be bad, the camera angles undoubtedly unflattering, and no one can compete with Meg Ryan’s vocals in “When Harry Met Sally.”

Let’s face it, folks.   By and large, bare asses humping away in the air to the sounds of groans and grunts do not a pretty picture make.   

Taking the moral high ground, I will not be reading Young’s book.  
But please, dear God… Let Amy Poehler play Hunter in the movie.  

Comments, unlike sex, should be publicly shared…

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