Sunday, January 31, 2010

injaynesworld it's the "Sunday Recap..."

Due to an unusually busy work week here at Chateau Martin, this will be an abbreviated Recap.  However, I could not let the week go by without doing something you will rarely see me do here.  Eat my words.  In the December 20th, 2009 Sunday Recap post I called President Obama a "dickless wonder" for what I regarded as his lack of leadership on health care.   While I still maintain that his role should have been much stronger in that area, today I must give credit where it is due.   

This week's "Golden Balls Award" goes to President Obama for facing down the Republicans at their own retreat, on camera, in an unscripted one-hour Q & A session.   He came, he saw, he kicked some serious ass.   So much so that while all other networks carried the entire exchange live, upon seeing their guys getting their clocks cleaned, those cowards at Faux News tucked their tails between their legs and pulled the plug on the broadcast.   

Perhaps the best part was that after being taken to the shed for over an hour, these morally-bankrupt hypocrites still asked the Prez for autographs and then Tweeted about it.   So let's just hand out a "You Can't Make This Shit Up" Award, too.

The entire exchange can be viewed many places online for those of you who missed it.   You want "must-see TV"?  This is it.    Here I present one of my personal favorite smack downs.   Pull up a chair and grab some coffee.  It is so worth your time.

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