Sunday, January 10, 2010

injaynesworld it's "Sunday Recap" time...

Nothing says "redneck like tattooing your kids...

A couple from Cattooga County, Georgia is out of jail on bond after being busted for tattooing six of their kids with a homemade device consisting of a plastic pen body with a needle made of a guitar string connected to an electric motor.   Can’t accuse them of not being inventive.   Five of the youngsters got a cross-like tattoo on their hands, while the oldest boy got “mom and dad” on his arm… something sure to come up in his defense when he’s charged with being a serial killer later in life.


Retweet this...

Ford, that brain trust that brought us the exploding Pintos, announced that it has a Twitter application coming soon to its Sync system.  You won’t be able to send tweets  – yet, but you can listen to them read out loud to you as you drive… because who doesn’t want to toodle down the highway listening to:

"Preparing my famous anchovy quiche!"

"Stuck in traffic."

"Just stepped in cat puke."

"Still stuck in traffic."

"Fuckin' snow  won't stop!"

"Jesus is the answer."

"Tell him to stop the fuckin' snow!"

"Goddamn traffic."


Here comes the bride...

When I think of weddings and cans -- and surprisingly this doesn’t come up as often as you might think – I always picture the back of a car with a big “Just Married” sign and strings of cans tied to the bumper.   Well, apparently that is just oh-so-passé. 

An environmentally-minded and frugal couple in Spokane, Washington, is collecting aluminum cans to help pay for their wedding.   They figure they need 400,000, which would be worth about $3,800 when recycled, and are asking for donations.  So far they have 18,000 stacked in their living room – or probably enough for a party of 10 at Chuck-E-Cheese.


Hail to the Chief...

A larger-than-life President Barack Obama became a presidential pitchman Wednesday on a Times Square billboard that used his photo without permission.Outerwear company Weatherproof used a recent news photo of the president in front of the Great Wall in China for the advertisement with the tagline "A Leader In Style." 

Apparently, the White House is a little peeved and has asked that it be removed.  Personally, I think they should save their righteous indignation for the guy selling Ecstasy pills shaped like the Prez.  Oh, yes… because we Americans are nothing if not enterprising.   The discovery came when police in Palmview, Texas, pulled over a reckless driver who, as it turned out, also appeared to be wrecked.  A search of the vehicle revealed 200 Ecstasy pills resembling both Obama and… Homer Simpson.  Nice to know the Prez is held in the same high esteem as TV’s biggest dufus, if you don’t count Glenn Beck.


Finally, it’s Leno vrs Conan to see who will get the coveted 11:30 time slot...

Seems Leno’s ratings are in the toilet at the 10 o’clock hour so NBC is talking about giving Jay his old time slot back which, as you might imagine, is not sitting well with Conan O’Brien as revealed on this short clip.

Personally, it’s all past my bedtime so I have no horse in this race, but how about you?  Team Leno or Team Conan?

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