Friday, January 22, 2010

injaynesworld we "Don't Look Good In Gray..."

The sun peeked out for a moment this morning just to taunt me.   This past week here in California it has been unrelentingly gray, wet, cold and my personal Satan, windy… and you know how I feel about the wind.

I realize my displeasure at the weather is not garnering me a lot of sympathy.  Don’t think I can’t hear those of you in parts of the country frequently buried by snow for months at a time shouting with glee,  “Hah!  Take that, California!  You big weather weenie...”   And you would be justified.  We are weather weenies.

We’ve grown accustomed to sunshine nearly year ‘round .  It’s not that we attribute this to God liking us better.  He does extract a steep price for this privilege.   Pretty much every year the whole state goes up in flames.   Mud slides are known to bury entire  communities.   And, of course, we’re famous for our earthquakes.

Still, it does do the soul good to wake up most mornings to sunny skies and the feeling that anything’s possible.    Vitamin D is our drug of choice.   We are nothing if not a vain people, but when you can go out every day and run, bike, or swim, you damn well better look good.

I’ve heard that suicide rates go up in areas where there are long periods of gray skies and rain.   I can see why.  If  I had a gas oven, the temptation to stick my head in it would be mighty inviting right about now. 

Crap, I hear thunder… and, yes, that would be yet more rain I see.  

As a child I was terrified of thunder and lightning.  Then one day my mother told me that thunder was the sound of God farting, which sent me into endless giggles.   Maybe soon, when dementia sets in, it will do so again, but now – not so much.

My name is Jayne… and I am a weather weenie. 

Comments are like sunshine.  They do the heart good…

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