Wednesday, February 16, 2011

injaynesworld "Lady Gaga's Bustier Was A Bust..."

Cool entrance Gaga – that whole embryonic egg thing.   I totally got it.   It worked for me.  And your performance.   Damn, you’ve got pipes, girlfriend and you can pound those keyboards, too.   And the song, “Born This Way” killed.  Absolutely, killed.  Love the message, love the performance, love you.

I’m a fan.

Now could we talk about this outfit for a moment?   Okay, it’s a step up from the meat dress.  At least you’re wearing the outside of the cow.  And yes, I know it was the Grammys and shock value is your thing, but seriously, girlfriend…

The look didn’t work when Madonna wore it either, although in her defense it was on a stage.  She didn’t wear it while sitting in an audience of music industry royalty waiting to hear if she was going to be honored with their highest award. 

Look, I know we’re never going to see you wearing a traditional pretty new dress on the red carpet or anywhere else, but you’re better than this, Gaga.   And really, I wouldn’t be critical if I didn’t truly care.

Notice I’m not saying a word about Nicki Minaj’s choice of fashion.   At least you had the courtesy to consider the poor bastard who had to sit behind you.   And truthfully, I know you don’t give a crap about what I think of your outfit.   I am, after all, old enough to be your grandmother and I’ve never contributed one dime to your income.

But think about the fathers of all the young girls out there who want to be just like you and come down the stairs wearing a get-up like this.   Do you really want to be responsible for all those coronaries? 

Please believe that I have only your best interests at heart when I say it’s okay to be talented and pretty.   I know you can do it.  Look how hot you looked at the 2009 MTV Awards.   

Now that’s the Gaga gal I’d like to see more often.    

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