Tuesday, February 8, 2011

injaynesworld we take “The Journey…”

Inspired by my dear friend, the awesome, Cat Lady Larew, this is my first attempt at a Magpie Tale.   Be gentle…

The path is old and worn.   Many have tread upon its uneven footing, seeking balance of both mind and body as they traversed its winding ways.  Temptation to veer off into the wonder of unexplored territory tugs at the stroller adventurous enough to do so.  Most, however, walk with purpose, barely glancing at their surroundings as they keep the end they are seeking fixed in their sight and worry about being late. 

Today the path is damp from the light rain that has fallen in the night.   The air is crisp and fresh with promise to some, while others bundle themselves against the elements and curse the chill, not realizing that without it one cannot appreciate the warmth.      

Single in direction though the path may appear, its route varies with each traveler, but ultimately its destination is the same.   How one weathers the journey is not a matter of chance, but of choice born of challenge.

Choose well.

                                             * * *

Be sure to stop by the Magpie Tales site and visit the other writers participating this week because a writer is a lonely thing to be.  ;)

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